Thaise Yoga Massage, dec 2017 and jan 2018

Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing art based on the knowledge of Ayurveda yoga, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Thai medicine.

It is commonly applied in Thailand as well as the other countries around the world for therapeutic purposes and enhancement of physical and emotional well-being.

Thai yoga massage has a distinctive approach and techniques in comparison with western massages.
It consists of a broad variety of massage techniques and body stretches, which correspond to the theories of acupuncture and trigger point therapy, and some yoga postures.

Friday 8th and 22nd of December, friday 5th and 19th of January, Jay will be in De Yoga Studio Eindhoven to spoil you with a nice treatment.

Behandeling Tijd Kosten

Thaise yoga massage 
 90 min  € 79
 75 min  € 69
 60 min  € 59

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