Jivamukti Workshop met Lydia Aytogmus -24 sep 2017

lydia aytogmus


Back in Town... Lydia Aytogmus! 

In 2015 she visited our studio to give a workshop and we are delighted that she will be back. Dedicated Jivamukti and Ashtanga practitioner with a big hart.

This Jivamukti workshop is inviting you warmly to a yoga journey that is embedding and addressing the classical 5 tenets of this wonderful yoga method. Jivamukti yoga aspires a compassionate and integrative lifestyle (Ahimsa) amongst its practitioners, that is taking into consideration the wellbeing of all sentient beings:

We will tune in by chanting together (Nada & Bhakti Yoga).

We will move the body and explore during practice the transformative aspect of Asana by moving into different shapes of elements of nature, animals and sages.

We will discuss versus from the Yoga Sutra Patanjali (Shastra) that are addressing the perception of sameness. And of course we will meditate (Dhyana Yoga) and hang out afterwards with each other (Satsang) and enjoy each others uplifting company.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu - May all beings everywhere be happy and free


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Sunday 24th of Sep 2017 
Time:  13:00 - 16:00 hrs
@ De Yoga Studio Eindhoven


 EUR 30,--







This yoga workshop is open to all!
No Jivamukti experience needed.
So Welcome :-)


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lydia aytogmus


Can you hear me? Living in the city comes along with being in a 24/7 surround system of noise. Many of us might perceive this as challenging or even stressful, and unfortunately in contrary to eye sight we can not close and shut down our ears. And once we found a quiet place to be we might realize that first and foremost our own mind is far away from stillness and receptivity by all the inner noises of our head.

The question that might apply for us as yoga practicioners: How can we remain tuned in without getting pulled out? Which ancient Yoga practices do lead to receptivity, inner silence and clarity of the mind?

The ancient scriptures of Yoga stress and emphasize the importance of the art of deep inner listening: By purifying our channels (nadi) and dedicating ourselves to that inner sound (anahata nadam) it is said that a blissful stat of mind is awaiting us.

Together we will dive into the practices of that deep listening, by chanting, moving the body, purifying the nadis and diving into that source towards the unstruck sound until we hear...